Supply chain management has typically been a function restricted to desktop operating systems. Working with our customers, we discovered a good portion were out in the field away from the desk for long periods of time. In March 2015, BROWZ announced its mobile strategy to provide customers with real-time access to data available anytime, anywhere on your phone or tablet. 

BROWZ mobile strategy focuses on two key areas: accessibility and innovation.

Customers want to take powerful data on their supply chain to make it more accessible for more people in a more efficient and convenient way. Our mobile strategy drives after accessibility and access across all of our product suites.

Secondly, how do we better deliver products to our customers that they may not have today or have wanted to add to our product suite? We are looking with that innovative and creative eye to see how to utilise mobile to best meet the coming and future needs of our customer base.

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A Suite of Mobile Applications

BROWZ for Clients

BROWZ Clients now have access to their supply chain compliance data while they are on the go. Real-time data is accessible both in the office and out in the field; anywhere a mobile or Wi-Fi connection is available.

BROWZ for Suppliers

BROWZ Suppliers now have access to their company’s compliance data while they are in or out of the office. Real-time data is accessible both in the office and out in the field, from iOS and Android devices on a mobile or Wi-Fi network.

SURE Workforce

SURE Workforce allows you to monitor an individual’s compliance status, scan an employee ID card, integrate with badging and ERP systems, and check individuals in and out of your sites.

“BROWZ has worked with us since the inception of our compliance program and has played an integral part in our program’s success. The BROWZ team understood our needs and offered best practices to create a world class system.”

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To maintain consistent standards across sites, divisions, regions or geographies.

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