Worth the Investment:

The Key Benefits of Implementing eLearning

The world of learning is changing every day. Employers are using eLearning technologies to give their employees the workplace training they need to return home safely to their families. With a changing workforce and more complex world, employers need learning solutions that resonate and are easily accessible. How do you convince your team that eLearning is worth the investment?

This webinar will discuss the serious benefits of using online training in your workplace, including financial implications, and how you start implementing eLearning in your organization.

Join Teri Hale, Senior Learning Manager at UL EHS Sustainability, and BROWZ for a discussion on the benefits of eLearning and how you can start implementing eLearning in your organization.

Key Topics

  • Benefits to employers and learners of using online learning solutions
  • How companies are using mobile learning to keep their employees safe
  • Customizing eLearning to best fit your specific needs
  • How you can begin implementing eLearning in your organization

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Teri Hale

Teri Hale

Senior Learning Manager, UL EHS Sustainability

Teri Hale has extensive, specialized experience in Instructional Design, eLearning, Project Management and Leadership. As Senior Learning Manager for UL EHSS, she propels the implementation of modern eLearning technologies and solutions for UL and the global marketplace, while extending executive sponsorship to strategic accounts and consulting on direct client engagements. 


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