Raising the Bar with Contractor Management

A discussion with BNSF Railway on contractor safety and supplier risk mitigation

The suppliers, contractors, and vendors you hire have a large impact on your organization’s success. The risk introduced to your business by any supplier in your supply chain inherently becomes your risk. With over 32,500 miles of rail across the United States, BNSF is one of the largest freight railroad networks in North America. They utilize many hundreds of contractors every day. With safety being the highest priority, BNSF has high standards for its contractors based on key safety and performance metrics. By proactively managing their contractors, suppliers, and vendors, they are improving their safety performance and reduce the risk to their organization.

Join BNSF and BROWZ for a discussion on contractor management and advice for taking a proactive approach to managing your relationships with third-party contractors, suppliers and vendors.

Key Topics

  • How to identify and manage the risk introduced to your business through suppliers, contractors, and vendors.
  • How, BNSF, one of the leading railway companies, manages supplier and contractor risk
  • How to address the multiple levels and types of risk in your supply chain.
  • Learn the common challenges of prequalifying suppliers and contractors and how to overcome them.

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Leslie Gorman

Leslie Gorman

Senior Manager Supplier Safety, BNSF Railway

Leslie Gorman is the Senior Manager of Field Safety at BNSF. She’s been with the company for over 17 years and currently leads the BNSF Supplier Safety (Contractor Risk Reduction) program's strategic direction to ensure continual improvement that meets or exceeds industry standards for risk management, while overseeing the day to day related processes of suppliers and internal stakeholders for operational continuity. 

Mary Loomis

Mary Loomis

Manager Strategic Sourcing, BNSF Railway

Mary Loomis is a Manager in Strategic Sourcing and Supply at BNSF.  She has been with the company for 4 years and leads the BNSF Supplier Risk Management program and Supplier Quality Audit program ensuring continual compliance of contractual requirements and product specifications of critical suppliers and contractors. 

Dave Williams

Dave Williams

US Managing Director

Dave spent 2 decades as a Senior Vice President for a major Wall Street firm providing SEC Compliance Solutions for the top public companies in America. Joining BROWZ in 2012, he oversees the client facing employees in the US responsible for helping over 100 major clients mitigate supplier risk and improve contractor safety.


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