SURE Audit™ is available as an add-on to SURE Qualify, when greater levels of risk are anticipated in your supply chain. You can assess both lagging and leading safety indicators within the supply chain with SURE Audit.

BROWZ employs qualified professionals to perform audits of the health and safety manuals and safety management systems of your suppliers, giving you insight into the depth, trends, and culture of a supplier’s safety program.

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Do you know if your suppliers have written health and safety programs for the work they perform? If they do, are they compliant with regulatory requirements?


BROWZ collects, audits, and verifies supplier health and safety programs for compliance with regulatory standards at the program and program element level based on a supplier’s work type, industry code, or risk level. 

For example, when a supplier states it is capable of working in confined spaces, BROWZ auditors request this process document to ensure the supplier has a written plan. Our auditors then assess the documentation to ensure it contains the key elements of a confined space entry program. BROWZ auditors use the prevailing local and national regulations as the comparative standard.

BROWZ identifies and reports program and program element deficiencies with detailed information on what must be corrected. Deficiencies are reported through automated notifications to suppliers along with personal communication from the BROWZ support team, helping educate your supply chain.

All audit findings are made available to you along with supporting documentation in BROWZ.

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Do your suppliers have a well written safety program, but their field performance is lacking? Safety Management System Audits can point out key supplier deficiencies that would otherwise be invisible.

The objective of Safety Management System Audits is to determine the ability of the supplier to work safely for you. Unlike most audits, Safety Management System Audits are a true assessment of leading safety indicators. This audit directly benefits suppliers by providing them with a valuable gap analysis to improve their safety program.

Modeled after the principals of OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program, Safety Management System Audits look at four categories of a supplier’s safety program: 

  • Management leadership and employee involvement
  • Worksite analysis
  • Hazard prevention and control
  • Safety and health training

When the scored audit concludes, you and your suppliers will have a common reference point for the supplier’s programmatic strengths and weaknesses. The initial findings can provide a framework for dialog with your suppliers—an expectation of many regulatory bodies. Subsequent audits will help you identify trends in specific program areas. 

This audit can be performed by BROWZ in person at the supplier’s headquarters or via web conference.

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The reality of the world we live includes increased dependence on the use of suppliers to help bring to market products and services. As such, it’s incumbent for host employers to broaden the scope of the supplier vetting process. Many of the same steps you take to evaluate the hire of your own employees are valuable steps to take for supplier companies that work within your buildings and site locations. Put another way, everyone who comes to work at your location becomes part of your accountability profile.

The BROWZ Background Program Audit addresses an often overlooked assumption that supplier companies conduct background checks for their employees prior to hire. The audit experience and results have provided BROWZ clients and their supply chain companies vital information to close process gaps & provide assurances that all site workers undergo a thorough background check.

This audit protocol verifies supplier companies’ have a written employee background check program, and that specific program elements are being evaluated. Audit protocol element examples:

  • Check for US Citizenship
  • Criminal Checks
  • Employment History
  • Check Employment References
  • Established Criteria for ‘No Hire’
Key Features/Benefits Include
  • Peace of mind within your security department that all personnel on-site receive thorough screening

  • As a matter of due diligence, you have at your fingertips, company-by-company supplier compliance scores for this audit program. In doing so, you now have a new metric to measure supplier employment integrity

  • Brand protection and internal assurance that supplier company workers on your premises have been vetted in a similar manner as your employees

  • Suppliers with less than a 100% score are provided a gap analysis- giving them an opportunity to strengthen their employment protocol


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