Ready Source

Are you flooded with requests from suppliers interested in working for you? The first step in efficient supply chain management is screening potential new suppliers. Sorting through solicitations and reviewing initial supplier information, such as diversity requirements, can be time-consuming. Ready Source™ provides prospective suppliers with a way to indicate their interest in doing business with you while verifying their compliance ahead of time.

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Simple Supplier Registration

BROWZ can create an online portal to help you easily screen and onboard suppliers. This web-based supplier questionnaire will help you evaluate potential vendors prior to awarding a bid for work. 

Prospective suppliers are directed to this sourcing portal and asked to complete the registration form. Submitted data goes directly into your BROWZ database, where you can review suppliers and select the most appropriate partners.

Once you’ve identified a supplier you’re interested in working with, BROWZ will conduct an in-depth assessment of their qualifications as part of our SURE Qualify offering.

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for facilitating easy access to supplier evaluations.

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