Introducing Training Centre

BROWZ LLC announces the immediate availability of BROWZ Training Centre, a web-based learning management system which integrates directly with BROWZ. This new offering will eliminate the labor intensive tasks associated with providing classroom-style training to contractors at the employee level by delivering training through the web.

BROWZ Training Centre is a robust learning management system which can be configured to meet the specific training requirements of BROWZ clients. Training Centre allows BROWZ to provide critical orientation and safety training to contractors before they arrive onsite. Training Centre supports multiple languages allowing the contractor to complete the training in their native language. Training history and pass/fail scores are stored in BROWZ to validate the completion of training requirements.

“Employee level management is a growing need for our clients, and we are very excited to add Training Centre to our expanding, innovative suite of products,” says Elaine Beitler, CEO of BROWZ. “This new offering complements our existing prequalification and compliance solutions while providing further transparency at the supplier and workforce level. This transparency will ultimately result in our client’s ability to make better informed decisions for their business and mitigate risk within their supply chain.”

Training Centre is an add-on to BROWZ’s industry leading prequalification and compliance programs. The offering is part of a growing focus on employee level transparency. BROWZ also provides employee level compliance, attendance and time tracking, and integration with point-of-entry security systems. Training Centre is part of BROWZ SURE Workforce.

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