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"We've been on a journey together for about five years now, and it's take a lot of collaboration and a lot of partnership to get us to the place where we are. And where we're at today is very successful."



"We've a high level of engagement with our contractors, high level of partnership with BROWZ. It's been overall a real good experience. Yes, and some of the things that stand out to me with the BROWZ team, specifically to Xcel Energy, is just the way that they approach listening to us, and to me and my team in understanding our business needs. We measure the safety performance of our contractors on site. We also put in compliance metrics as it relates to the supply chain organization.

I'm happy to say that right now, we have over 1,200 contractors in the system, and the compliance rates for our contractors in the system is at 90%. It's what our target has been the whole way. We worked really hard to get there and partnership with BROWZ. We've also seen significant reduction in the TRRs of our contractors. And I think one of the things that speaks to that is that our executives now can talk to our engagement with BROWZ as a value-add because they're now seeing our contractors as more safe, more qualified, and more trained.

The catalyst of the impetus that got us to create a contractor safety program in Xcel Energy is we had a catastrophic event where we had five contractors that died in a penstock in one of our hydro plants in Colorado.

And because of that, our board of directors came to us and said, "You don't have the necessary process and programs in place to ensure that you're limiting the risk for your contractors." So that was the start of our program. That was in 2009. It's seen some maturity and some changes along the way. 

About three years after that is when we got engaged with BROWZ to take over the prequalification. One of the biggest value-adds for us with our partnership with BROWZ is the fact that we now firmly understand the deficiencies that we had in our internal processes. So before we were engaged with BROWZ, we did all of our prequalifications internally. And it was really kind of at a surface level.

Once we got in and firmly seated with BROWZ and started looking at and diving in and vetting out programs and elements, we really saw that a lot of our contractors were not as safe as qualified, as we originally thought.

I think the greatest benefit for Xcel Energy, for our partnership with BROWZ, is just we're in a better position now with our contractors than we were before. We really thought that we had some really good processes in place where our contractors were very safe, very competent and trained.

Now that we're engaged with BROWZ in our partnership, we've enhanced that, and now we understand and can quantify the fact that our contractors are safe, qualified, and trained."

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“BROWZ provides a solution consistent with our company’s commitment to workplace safety. As a member of a global community, we value the well-being of our employees and business partners.”

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