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"We at Bosch do have an auditing program, and we do focus on contractors. We have a couple of questions that we ask in regards to contractors. And prior to utilizing BROWZ, we typically did not score very well in those areas."



"Especially on the paperwork side. Insurance certificates, indemnifications, kind of the paperwork that you have to have in place, but it's more the reactive paperwork. And we're not the experts at that, either. We don't read insurance certificates.

I want my folks to be out on the plant floor, auditing contractors, working with contractors. Hence, why we utilize BROWZ, because you guys were the experts in that. So that you guys can do that paperwork for us, and we can focus more on our contractors out in the field, making sure that they're safe. We rolled it out in different phases, starting with the US locations, then Canada, and we're currently rolling out in Mexico.

So it was a nice tiered approach for us to make sure that we could, from lessons learned, move forward, and make sure that we were always implementing the best process and the right solutions for our different locations and for our different countries also.

Bosch has unique setup. My role, I can mandate governance issues. So OSHA, EPA, things of that nature. But because contractor management isn't a governance, I can't tell any of our locations that they have to use BROWZ or a certain company, or how they manage their contractors.

But on the flip side of that, my locations, actually, as a grassroots, came to me at a corporate level and said, "Jill, we need a solution. We need something to help us manage our contractors." So it was grassroots from my locations coming to me, and then I coordinated facilitating the bid process, quote process, and eventually settling with BROWZ. We did have your competitors come to the site and meet with our risk folks, insurance, legal, purchasing and HS&E folks.

And just from presentations, it's all kind of similar information that you guys can do, and services that you can provide. But for us, it was definitely the people that we worked with that led us in the direction of BROWZ. Contractor management is just one portion of what I do. It's just the ease of being able to call someone for anything that I need. If I'm reporting back to Germany, working with them on reports, I know that I can call my client team, ask for what I need, and they're able to provide it quickly to me with the best information I need."

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“BROWZ provides a solution consistent with our company’s commitment to workplace safety. As a member of a global community, we value the well-being of our employees and business partners.”

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