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"The single greatest benefit of working with BROWZ, for our property, is to make sure that the contractors that we bring onsite have, if you will, crossed all the hurdles that we need them to, to make sure we have safe, conscientious contractors just like we require out of our employees working onsite with us. And to have BROWZ do all that for us is huge. 



There's no way that I could make sure that all the things that we require of our contractors actually are there, and then that I'm notified when a contractor isn't qualified. So it's huge to have BROWZ. The customer service I get from them? It's been great.

I know up in Canada we use another company. Just from talking to them, that BROWZ, for me, has just been outstanding. Stephen Nielson is the guy that I work with. He's my contact at BROWZ. And he's excellent, always willing to help.

So for the most part, it's been very good. But one of the things that I'm in the middle of right now is having BROWZ help me to do my site-specific training online. So one of our other properties, Kennecott, has already done this.

So they've already kind of made the path and now I'm going to use BROWZ to help the [Borax?] property do the same thing, which will be a huge improvement for us.

A lot of our contractors travel a couple of hours to get to the property to do a four-hour, site-specific training. To where if we can have it set up to when they can just log on at their leisure, and do this training at their facility, then that'll be huge. And that's something that BROWZ is going to help me get through."

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“BROWZ provides a solution consistent with our company’s commitment to workplace safety. As a member of a global community, we value the well-being of our employees and business partners.”

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