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"BROWZ has helped us gain so much visibility into the contractors that perform high-risk work for us which is basically invaluable. I mean, that education has helped us improve our safety program, improve what we expect from our contractors, and so I don't think that we realized that we had such a great opportunity there until we started working with BROWZ.



Overall experience has been great. The professional services team has helped us implement over 350 contractors so far. These are all contractors who do high-risk work for Black Hills, so it's been very, very good for our business to get further insight into the safety of these contractors.

So what sparked our interest in the contract requalification program in our strategic sourcing department, which is where I work in the supply chain group, our capital projects, we did a very manual process to check our contractors' safety, financial risk, basically, everything that BROWZ does for us at a push of a button, we were doing manually. Spreadsheets, trying to build algorithms to figure it out. So it was so manual, and that's really what sparked it is how can we be more efficient? How can we evolve? And how can we make sure that we're getting the right information?

Since BROWZ, we make much more educated decisions. We use a scorecard process with our system. And so if we have a green contractor up against a yellow contractor, we can make a very valuable decision to go with the green contractor and that we're working with the safest person out there.

I think probably the thing that stands out the most for me with the BROWZ team and how they're so helpful is they're always there to change something if we need to change it. I mean, it may take a while, but they're always there to work out the solution with us of what we really want. And it was okay that it changed from our original design, so that's very, very helpful.

Well, I think probably the most important outcome since becoming a client with BROWZ is we have so much more visibility into the safety of our contractors, and we can honestly say that we're working with the safest contractors in the industry. And I don't think we realized before how manual of a process that was, and now we have direct visibility into it, and we can assist the contractors or go with a different contractor.

Our experience with the mobile app is, in our strategic sourcing group, we immediately started using the mobile app, and now it's become mandatory for all of our safety professionals that work within Black Hills to use the mobile app to help monitor our contractors. So it's very user-friendly and we are all excited for the new app coming down the pike.

Last year's summit, the benefits that I took away was Black Hills is not as far behind - excuse me - as I thought it was, or I thought we were. To learn about other companies struggling in the same realm or with the same issues that Black Hills was struggling was very refreshing, and to be able to listen to them and learn from them was very beneficial.

The biggest benefit for me in working with BROWZ is that I can tell my operations group within Black Hills that they are working with a safe contractor because ideally, we want everybody to go home as safely as they came to work, and we want to live safely 24/7."

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“BROWZ provides a solution consistent with our company’s commitment to workplace safety. As a member of a global community, we value the well-being of our employees and business partners.”

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