Using BROWZ Contractor Prequalification and Management Solution vs. In-house Management
Wondering whether supply chain qualification makes more sense to keep in-house or to outsource? BROWZ has provided contractor prequalification and contractor management solutions for the world’s leading organizations since 2001. The ROI calculations and safety multipliers in this report are based off actual results, benchmark studies, and industry data so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.

Resources to help on your journey
When you’re done, don’t forget to read the latest study on contractor qualification and ROI by Procurement leaders along with the independent study, “Best Practices in Contractor Management” by the Campbell Institute.

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Question 1:

How many contractors, suppliers or vendors do you plan to manage and prequalify?

Number of contractors must be 100 or greater. Consider adding multiple sites for your organization, if applicable.

Question 2:

Which scenario best describes your organization?

We don't currently have a contractor prequalification program. We have a basic in-house contractor prequalification program today. We have a mature contractor prequalification and management program today.

Question 3:

If you select an in-house solution, how do you currently manage or intend to manage the data you collect?

Spreadsheets and Filing Cabinets Internally Developed Software

Question 4:

Which scenario best describes your organization? (How many sites are going to be involved in the program?)

Single site Multi-Site (2-25 sites) Enterprise (25+ sites) Global Enterprise (Multi Country)