SURE Audit

SURE Audit™ is available as an add-on to SURE Qualify, when greater levels of risk are anticipated in your supply chain.

With SURE Audit™, BROWZ provides a configurable and intuitive approach to supply chain assessment. The BROWZ approach recognizes that the supply chain is not static and, if not subject to a broad range of due diligence, it can leave your business exposed not only from a brand equity perspective but also financially. Risk is not always predictable or restricted to health and safety compliance. Addressing supply chain risks involving from Tier 1 suppliers through to small businesses requires a multi-functional approach.

Audit Program Development
The BROWZ audit protocols have been developed based on the following criteria:

  • Regulatory Compliance – Country Specific
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Client specific requirements


BROWZ SURE Audit helps our clients assess suppliers’ corporate capability and management systems compliance in over 30 industry verticals and multiple regions around the globe.

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BROWZ in-house experts work closely with the client to develop programs that produce objective evidence and results that can be used to improve the supply chain function.

A high-level of due diligence and a wide range of suppliers require a flexible approach to audits. Using supply chain categorization techniques, BROWZ utilizes a combined approach that incorporates Desktop Audits and Onsite Audit programs.

Desktop Audit Programs
BROWZ Desktop Audit Programs use a 3-tier approach that allows organizations to either establish a standard of assessment for the entire supply chain or a combination of standards driven by the risk profile and characteristics of each supply chain segment.

In Canada each level is based on compliance with provincial and federal regulations, e.g. the Occupational Health & Safety Act, the Canadian Environmental Protection Act and Ministry of Labour guidelines, as well as industry standards, e.g. Transport Canada’s Railway Safety Act and Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act. Furthermore, BROWZ clients can establish their own assessment criteria for compliance with corporate standards.

On-site Audits
BROWZ representatives physically attend the site or administrative offices of the nominated suppliers to undertake audits where they analyze a wide range of evidence to assess their level of compliance. As a result, the BROWZ auditors produce detailed reports, identify corrective actions and assist in the implementation of continuous improvement programs.


Through its SURE Audit™ suite of products, BROWZ offers an extensive catalogue of programs that cover various facets of supply chain compliance assessment. Some of these are:

  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Environmental Management 
  • Waste Management
  • Sustainability
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Business Transparency
  • Business Continuity
  • Quality Management

BROWZ’s Canadian Audit Protocols cover both General Occupational Health & Safety Employer Obligations, e.g. Hazard Communication, Workplace Inspections, etc., and Activity-based Program Elements, e.g. Confined Space, Working at Heights, etc. The audit criteria have been developed to account for employer size so small businesses are only assessed against applicable legislative requirements.

BROWZ’s configurable solutions allow for flexibility in the implementation and management of these programs:

  • Implemented either as a single or multi-disciplinary program, based on an individual client’s needs. 
  • Managed as either a pass/fail or continuous improvement program.
  • Scored or non-scored analysis of management systems
  • Stop light or scorecard based results
  • Supplemented by a Corrective Action program.
  • Including Continuous Improvement support
  • Expert support provided as an on-going part of the program.

BROWZ offers system process checks primarily focused on the smaller, micro type organization. Through these SURE Audit™ programs, BROWZ auditors not only validate the site activity processes, such as activity based risk assessments and documented safe system of work, but also evaluate how small businesses manage management functions such as document control, alcohol and drugs in the workplace and activity based training requirements.

“When Ontario regulators, during mandated visits to large employers, audited our Contractor Management Program run through BROWZ, they commended Lafarge for our proactiveness in the use of this Best Practice to meet our obligations under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act.”

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