WEBINAR | Risk Management: The Risks of Globalization


We all know that visibility throughout the supply chain is vital. Whether you’re manufacturing offshore or shipping your goods to other countries, what are the risks and challenges to your supply chain and your business? What do you know about regulatory issues, compliance, even the customs of the other countries? What you don’t know can kill your business.

Join Aaron Rudd, david Hartmann, Roger Gassman, and Scott Byrnes as they discuss risk management within the supply chain and what can be done to mitigate that risk globally. 


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Webinar: Risk Management: Have you thought out your strategy?
Presenters: Aaron Rudd- VP, BROWZ, David Harmann- Product Manager, Sparta Systems, INC., Roger Gassman- B2B Business Line Lead, North America at Axway, Scott Byrnes- VP Marketing, Amber Road

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