BROWZ Launches New Software Platform for Improved Supply Chain Management

BROWZ, a global leader in supplier qualification and supply chain management solutions, announced the launch of a new software platform, BROWZ OneView™, for their clients as part of the 2016 BROWZ Client Summit. Speaking to a full house at the Sundance Resort, V.P. of Product Development, Aaron Rudd stated “BROWZ OneView is a significant development in the evolution of supply chain management software that will not only meet our clients needs today, but will meet their supply chain needs as they expand in the future.”

BROWZ OneView is an entirely new interface and user experience for BROWZ clients. “Our goal was to enhance the way our clients interact with our solutions and their supply chain. From conducting a simple supplier search to in-depth analysis across a global supply chain. BROWZ is empowering our clients with the new OneView platform,” Rudd said. “The software provides meaningful insight into the entire supply chain using key performance indicators which also provides the flexibility to analyze the performance of individual locations or specified risk level with the click of a button. In addition, BROWZ provides full transparency into the service component of our business, providing our clients with details about every interaction with their supply chain.”

“These developments are the result of the great feedback and partnerships that we have with our clients; without them, this next evolution in the BROWZ solution would not be possible,” said Rudd. “The result is a platform that is both powerful and intuitive. It enables our clients to interpret data quickly, to make sound business decisions and reduce the risk exposure for their organizations.”

According to Rudd, significant enhancements include high performance dashboards, supplier proximity mapping, action center alerts, dynamic widgets, simplified searching, and a full view into the interactions of each supply chain member and their BROWZ representative. Rudd encourages anyone interested in supplier prequalification or contractor management to visit BROWZ online to schedule a demo of the new BROWZ OneView™ Platform.

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