CoR in Australia - Does your company have a process in place for assessing Chain of Responsibility (CoR)?

January 08, 2018 //

Changes to the Heavy Vehicle National Law are coming in August 2018, and will affect numerous industries across Australia.

CoR Laws Reduce Risk for your Organization

December 27, 2017 //

New Chain of Responsibility laws are coming in mid 2018. Is your business ready? Are you ready? These reforms are a significant step forward in recognising that everyone in the supply chain has a role to play in ensuring heavy vehicle safety.

Chain of Responsibility (CoR) – Each Person Has a Role. What’s yours?

December 22, 2017 //

Currently under the HVNL, all parties who have control or influence over the transport task are deemed responsible for complying with CoR obligations.

Is your company prepared? 4 Upcoming Amendments to Chain of Responsibility (CoR)

December 19, 2017 //

Changes to the Heavy Vehicle National Law are coming in August 2018, and will affect not only transportation industries but every business using freight logistics across Australia.

[Infographic] ABCC Act & Building Code Service with BROWZ

October 26, 2017 //

The ABCC Act & Building Code Service is a simple solution to help understand your subcontractors' capabilities.

Making the Case for Contractor Management

October 25, 2017 //

New research paper from the National Safety Council examines the safety benefits of third-party management

New ABCC Building Code Service Available from BROWZ

October 25, 2017 //

BROWZ Australia has developed a questionnaire which helps Principal Contractors and Lead Contractors assess their sub-contractors under the Building Code.

BROWZ Introduces a Solution to Help Manage ABCC Act and Building Code Requirements

September 21, 2017 //

BROWZ has launched a solution which enables organizations to understand their contractors and sub-contractors capabilities to meet the ABCC Building Code requirements.

Working with Contractors

August 19, 2016 //

Contractors are becoming vital components to business operations for companies of all sizes in varying industries. Enterprises are turning to industry-specific firms to take care of certain tasks within a project, allowing for in-house employees to focus on other duties.

Are your Transportation Contractors Distracted?

August 16, 2016 //

Most U.S. states have laws prohibiting drivers from sending text messages while on the road. Most states and cities also prevent drivers from making phone calls because it constitutes distracted driving.

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