SURE Workforce

Take compliance one step further with SURE Workforce. As an add-on to SURE Qualify, SURE Workforce allows you to manage qualifications down to the employee level within your supply chain.

BROWZ can track and monitor employee-level compliance information for your suppliers, as well as integrate with badging and ERP systems, time tracking, and much more. 

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What Does SURE Workforce™ Provide?


Gain insight into your suppliers at the employee level with Employee-Level Data Management. Track and manage employee information such as training qualifications, certifications, licenses, background checks, drug and alcohol testing, employee photos, and much more. Effective dates and expirations for requested information can be recorded and monitored with intuitive icons showing compliant or non-compliant individuals, all based on corporate or site-level requirements so you know who should or should not be allowed on-site.


Are you currently providing site induction or other training to contractors from a slide presentation or DVD in a classroom? With Training Centre, you can provide training easily and efficiently over the web; you can also test understanding of the material.

Training Centre is a web-based learning management system that seamlessly integrates with BROWZ, providing a simple platform to deliver and document high-quality training for your contractors at the employee level. With Training Centre, you can provide critical orientation, safety, or other corporate training to your contractors over the web before they ever arrive on-site.



You keep close track of time and attendance for your employees, but are you tracking when your contractors come and go at your facility? Are you relying on your vendor’s records to tell you how many hours they were on-site? Do you know who is on-site right now? BROWZ can answer all of these questions in seconds so you can rest assured that only compliant contractors and their employees will be allowed access to your site.

Time and Attendance Tracking allows you to record when a contractor arrives at or departs from your facility. Contractors can be checked “in and out” manually by your gate entry staff, or BROWZ can integrate seamlessly with badging systems to collect and record this information automatically. Should you need to provide temporary access to your site, identification cards for contractors can be printed directly from BROWZ.



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