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What Does BROWZ Do?
BROWZ Australia facilitates communication between your organisation and your customers. This includes your qualifications and commitment to safety excellence.

Ultimately, we simplify the submission of prequalification data and help verify your ongoing adherence to your customers’ standards.

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Why join BROWZ?

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Why register with BROWZ?

Your customers want to hire companies that meet their specific standards, are qualified to perform the work at hand, and present the least amount of risk to their business. BROWZ helps you demonstrate compliance with their requirements.

Our contractor and supplier management software simplifies the submission process, reduces duplication, and eliminates misplaced documents. BROWZ also enables you to benchmark your progress in the compliance process and determine what information, if any, might still be missing.

In addition, as a member of BROWZ, you will have exposure to more business opportunities from new buyers via the BROWZ network. When awarded work from a new customer, you only submit any additional documents required by your new customer; relevant data can be shared between clients where applicable, simplifying your reporting process.

What happens after I register with BROWZ?

Once registered, you will receive instruction on how to submit compliance information required by your customers. This information may include occupational health and safety, environment, ethics, anti-corruption, financial, internal policies, insurances, licenses, training qualifications certifications, etc. BROWZ reviews this information for deficiencies and delivers a compliance status to you and your customers.
Further, your organisation will have an assigned, dedicated support person to assist in all manners of account set-up, programme queries, and compliance maintenance.

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Oliver registers with BROWZ.

He submits his qualification data online.

Oliver receives personal support from BROWZ.

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BROWZ validates Oliver’s data and displays his qualification status using intuitive icons.

How Long Does the Process Take?

It predominately depends on the availability of your organisation’s data. You may need more time to collect and submit the necessary documents, therefore we work at your pace. Once received, BROWZ reviews each document to make certain it meets your customers’ requirements. If a customer requires you to be on-site quickly, please notify us straight away that we may process your documents accordingly. 

“Having our safety and insurance information disseminated to our clients from a single source is very helpful and time saving. But the best factor is the ease with which BROWZ makes this possible.”

Earl Scoggins, Ledbetter Industrial LLC

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How Does BROWZ Benefit Me?

Continued work from customers

By registering with BROWZ and submitting the required information to remain compliant, you will be qualified to work for your customers.

Increased business opportunities

As part of your annual BROWZ subscription, you are eligible to create an InTouch profile—a company profile page that promotes your organisation to further safety-minded customers.

Improved safety processes

Companies that are prequalified consistently outperform their peers on key performance indicators. You can be certain that your employees adhere to best practices whilst improving safety culture.

Level the playing field

Have you lost tenders to competitors that do not invest in safety and performance? Registering with BROWZ will level the playing field because your customers only want to select qualified members. You will be recognised for your efforts above those who may cut corners.

Third-party validation

By achieving compliance with BROWZ, you can demonstrate excellence to your existing and potential customers.

Once registered, you will   receive a copy of the BROWZ member logo that can be used in your marketing collateral or included on your website to demonstrate your commitment to excellence.

Supplier Support Team

“It's easier to ask for help when you know who you're talking to."

We assign a single point of contact to each supplier—you’ll speak to the same person every time you need help. Someone familiar with your unique business requirements will be guiding you on an ongoing basis to help achieve and maintain compliance.

How Much Does It Cost?

Pricing is determined by the type and amount of data required by your customers. They define those assessment criteria based on their business needs. This includes identifying the work that you perform, so you only answer the questions your customers require, saving you time and money.

For the most accurate pricing, please contact our supplier registration team here or call 1800 751 409 (Australia) or 0800 447 319 (New Zealand).

How Do I Get Started?
  1. Click here, or call 1800 751 409 (Australia) or 0800 447 319 (New Zealand) to register.
  2. An assigned support person will help you submit all required compliance data and answer your questions.
  3. Complete your customer’s online questionnaire and submit supporting documentation to BROWZ as requested by your customer.Get Started Today
Have more questions?

Visit our FAQ page which answers some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please call us 1800 751 409 (Australia), 0800 447 319 (New Zealand), or contact us here.

“Having our safety and insurance information disseminated to our clients from a single source is very helpful and time saving. But the best factor is the ease with which BROWZ makes this possible.”

Earl Scoggins, Ledbetter Industrial LLC