BROWZ Contractors Outperform National Average in Key Safety Metrics Such as TRR, DART & LWR

Officially published at the BROWZ 2015 Client Summit, The BROWZ U.S. Health and Safety Benchmarking Report is now available for download 

At the annual BROWZ Client Summit, held at Snowbird Ski Resort, contractor management leader BROWZ, announced their newly published U.S. Safety Benchmark report. The report benchmarks BROWZ registered contractor performance for the year 2014 against national averages as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the same period.

The study indicates that BROWZ contractors outperform the national average by 57% for Total Recordable Rates (TRR), 52% Days Away Restricted Transfer (DART) and 60% Lost Workday Rates (LWR).



The study was overseen by Pat Cunningham, BROWZ Director of Safety and Delegate to the National Safety Council. When asked the significance of the study, Cunningham answered, ”As a safety professional this is huge! Every organization wants to understand the ROI of their investments, with safety this can be difficult to do. The BROWZ benchmark report clearly demonstrates a strong return for BROWZ customers. It’s not only about cost reduction, but human life, and we believe there is no greater reward than improving the quality of life.”

According to the National Safety Council, one survey of financial decision-makers indicated the average perceived return on safety investment was $4.41 for every dollar spent on safety.

Last month, BROWZ was named a member of the Campbell Institute an organization that helps companies understand that Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) is at the core of business vitality and fundamental to operational and financial performance. Prior to BROWZ membership, The Campbell Institute released a paper focusing on the Best Practices in Contractor Management. According to Cunningham, “The BROWZ benchmark study reinforces the importance of contractor management, Contractor management programs raise awareness and over time improve the overall safety performance of contractors and suppliers. Our data shows that the longer a contractor is registered in BROWZ the safer they perform over time. That’s good for business and great for the health of the worlds employees.” 

You can download a copy of the BROWZ U.S. Health & Safety Benchmarking Report here.

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